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I am unable to route my internal Network through my asa5545. Here is a snapshot starting inside -> out. I have: 4 Trunked Switch -> connected to a Core Sw(which as 2 weight static routes pointing out)-> 2 FW (with F/O) all good here -> connected to 2...

Drew by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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Dear All, I have a 5525 X with firepower running in the network. I am thinking of adding a failover device as I have a 5510 ASA in stock. Can I do this configuration? What are the requirements ? Thanks

mrehman02 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hi, I was trying to do a fresh install of Firepower services on the built in SFR - I get as far as the boot and recover stage and it just seems to stick in the Recover state - It has been left over night and still the same. I shutdown the module and ...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
  • 6 replies
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Hi all,   we have a new setup where we connected our customer links directly to the two Firepower 2100 firewalls (HA pair).Unfortunately, during a failover the 2nd link of our customer is not working.   The new setup is following:2100 firewalls -- cu...

lsteinha by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hi,   We have an ASA which is directly connected to the ISP device and we are not able to access internet. We can ping our gateway from Switch & End User devices. I'm new to ASA.   Also our outside interface traffic is almost zero. Could anybody help...

Hello all,    I'm looking to gather some thoughts to determine if this is possible or not.. I currently have an AnyConnect VPN configured on my ASA and it's working fine. I'd like to be able to be able to access my l2l offices without updating the ph...

bhuffy by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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We're looking to deploy two ASA's, one in each Data Centre, we already have an ASA-5525-X but we are considering purchasing an ASA-5545-X for the other Data Centre.   Is it possible to configure these two devices in an Active/Standby pair? Or do we n...

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