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Using NSO with ETSI SOL 005 APIs



I want to use Cisco NSO 4.7(with  ncs-4.7.1-tailf-etsi-rel2-nfvo-project-3.5 bundle) with ETSI SOL005 REST APIs.

When i am sending ETSI SOL005 REST Calls to NSO on 8080 port. It responds back with "401 Not found".

Pls help me to enable SOL005 support in NSO.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



NFVO does not support the SOL005 API.

Opps. But when i am using ETSI SOL 003 REST APIs to ESC for vnf LCM procedures. ESC uses ETSI SOL005 APIs to query from NFVO (in this case It's Cisco NSO with nfvo bundle).


So are u saying that when we are using ETSI SOL 003 NBI interface of Cisco ESC (VNFM), we can not use NSO as NFVO? As ESC will mandatory send SOL 005 REST requests to query from NSO. which NSO does not support.

Pls clarify. Hope i am clear on my question.


NSO NFVO v3.x does not support SOL003 integration with VNFMs. With NFVO v3.x you need to use the NETCONF integration with ESC. We are working on developing SOL003 in NSO NFVO, and have a few customer projects underway where we are integrating with 3rd party VNFMs as well as ESC using SOL003, but that will be released later, probably Q1CY19.

Humm. Thanks for the update.


Could you explain what you are trying to do? Unicast if it is not for public consumption.

I am trying to use ETSI REST APIs of MANO (NSO+ESC with NFVO bundle). As per ESC 4.3 doc, It supports SOL 003 and NSO(with NFVO bundle) supports SOL005 as per ETSI topology.

NBI of ESC(SOL 003) ----> ESC -(SOL 005)--> NSO(NFVO bundle) .

ESC have default VIM as openstack VIM.


So i am trying to test ETSI interface of Cisco MANO for VNFLCM on Openstack. 

While trying this, ESC accepts SOL003 REST messages perfectly. but to fulfill the request form VNFLCM or NSLCM, it sends SOL05 REST messages to NSO(NFVO) to create/retrieve the information from NFVO. As NFVO is not supporting SOL05, so it returns back "401 Not found".


Hope i am able to explain. Pls let me know if i have missed some.




Is there any way to change ESC to NSO communication over NETCONF instead of SOL05 messages even if user is using SOL03 NBI of ESC?


Hi KJ.


Do you know the current status of the SOL 003 support in NSO NFVO?





NSO NFVO 4.0 was released in May, and it supports the SOL003 interface. This was tested against multiple VNFMs during the ETSI NFV Plugtest event earlier this month (June 2019), including Cisco ESC (ETSI NFV Plugtest NDA prevents me from listing the other VNFM vendors in a public forum)

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