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Cisco Expressway mobile collaboration without a separate VPN client

Andy Johnston
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Take a look at this blog post and let me know what you think. 

Now that administrators will have a choice, when would you allow mobile workers to connect to their collaboration services from outside the firewall via a secure TLS-connection? 

And when would you want them to connect via a layer 3 VPN client such as Cisco AnyConnect?

Are there situations where both are needed?

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Thanks Kirk

Thanks Kirk..  I have the 10.3.1 firmware so just curious if there are any other steps to get this to connect to an existing MRA configuration

The endpoint should prompt the user for a service name (this is the domain used for the collab-edge SRV record, ie., username and password when placed on a network that is not supplied with DHCP option 150.  Any alternate TFTP server config should also be cleared from the endpoint.

Level 1
Level 1

Do we know if the 78xx, 88xx support has been added yet ?



The 78/88xx 10.3.1 firmware is still in field trials, and still not GA.

Expressway X8.5.2 (still in field trials too) is the release that is targeting support for the 78/88XX as well as the entire DX series.

Thanks Kevin.


Kevin - How do we get access to these field trials ,if we have to ?



Any update to this?  Is it possible to get the preview release for the 7800/8800?

Also need 10.5.2 su2 of cucm.

You need UCM 10.5.2 SU2 (or 11.0.1) for BLF features on the phones.  You can get away with using UCM 9.1.2 SU1+ if you don't need BLF features.

Thanks Kirk.

What about MWI and multi-line support on 7800. Also, do we have any use guides to show what the user experience will be like?