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Cisco Spark Room Kit and Touch 10

We have a Cisco Room kit that is registered to Webex Cloud.


The touch 10 was directly connected to the Spark Unit. Now we recently upgraded the room and have put both the devices on a LAN. 

Now my Touch 10 is asking me for a login and Passphase after i search for the Spark Unit's IP address. 

According to cisco the default login and passphase is Admin and black passphase. 

I have tried these credentials but no luck logging in.


I need to repair the Touch 10 to the Unit and also re add it into the Webexm control hub.

How can i resolve this issue. 

I have called Cisco Support but they were unable to help. 




You’re creating yourself a headache here and would be far better off reconnecting the Touch 10” back to the secondary port of the codec. If for some reason you can’t do that, creating a non-routed VLAN on the switch and connecting the second port of the codec along with the Touch 10 to that VLAN would be the second-best approach.

If you insist on pairing over the general LAN you will need to create a local admin account on the codec and use that to pair the Touch 10. This is far more likely to require ongoing touch points to support though.
Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor

You will need to use the user credentials that work on the endpoint to pair the Touch 10.  Ie, those that you can log in to the web interface of the endpoint with.  These were likely changed from the default when the unit was configured (you get a big warning message if you don't).  Whatever username/password combination you use to log in and administer the endpoint is what you will need to use to pair the Touch10.   Alternately, you can create a new user on the endpoint and then use that to pair.  The account only needs to be a "user" level to be able to pair the Touch10.

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