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CUCM 12.5 integrate with WebEx


One of my customer have CUCM solution On-Prem 12.5 and they have already Cisco WebEx subsciption.

Webex have license 250 Users

CUCM have 450 Users

How do i integrate and what license do i required for this.

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Roger Kallberg
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If you mean using the Webex application as a client in CM instead of Jabber and have the messaging service use the cloud service of Webex there is not licensing required apart from what you already have.

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As I said Customer has CUCM on-prem and they had purchase cisco Webex license what setup they need to create what do i understand i.e. he should have to create below items:

- Exp - E

- Exp -C

- Certificate required 

- RMS license required (that not confirmed to me but confused in this)

So the use case is Cisco Webex integrate with on-Prem CUCM so the user from webex can call internal users with webex as well as hardphone. as above you said there is no licensing required either not required RMS license or any other things am i correct or wrong please let me know your response (please share documentation if you have)


Webex is a brand encompassing many products (eg Webex Calling, Webex Meetings, etc); you need to be more specific when using that term. Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) does not require RMS licensing. Expressway x14 and later requires Smart Licensing, same as CUCM/CUC in12.x, so you’ll need to register the product instance to CSSM though.

You have a lot of reading ahead of you if this is your first time. Here are a few doc links to get you started:



Thank you for your response! As if I go more focused or specific that WebEx calling & Meetings can be integrated with ON-Prem CUCM Solution but for this, you don't require any license you have to make Exp- E & C which should be configured properly. I am just curious only about licensing criteria when should I require or not as per the above use case

Expressway C and E is required for MRA and/or B2B calling. Neither of these are required to use the Webex client application as a call client with Communication Manager. MRA is used if you have clients connecting to CUCM from an external location, such as from a home network or a coffee shop, without a VPN client connection. It does not require any licenses. B2B calling is for when you want to allow calls to/from external SIP uri addresses. For internal calls the CM would handle this without any additional system. Advise you to read the documentation shared by @Jonathan Schulenberg, it should contain much of what you need. One small note, for the Jabber Planning and Deployment guide you should disregard anything related to deployment of on-prem IM&P (also known as CUPS) infrastructure as Webex uses its own infrastructure in the cloud for messaging and presence information.

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I am working from home and connecting to webex cloud and need to dial my IP Phone from an external site how would it be possible ?

(Office) IP Phone - CUCM - Internet - Webex Cloud - Webex Application Dial (From Home) ?? would it be dialed no need to require any license just configure the things as per shared by @Jonathan Schulenberg 


First of all you need to share what type of service you’re referring to when you say Webex? As @Jonathan Schulenberg wrote there are many different options in the Webex portfolio. What I’m referring to in my answers is using the Webex application as a calling client in CUCM and as a IM and meeting client with the Webex meeting platform.

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WebEx client is using WebEx app on system and gadgets, client has webex license "pro pack for cisco control hub entitlement" Now he wants to manage communication between WebEx user to CUCM End Point like desk phone extension

A-FLEX-3 Collaboration Flex Plan 3.0
A-FLEX-NUPL-E NU On-Premises Calling Enhanced
A-FLEX-SRST-E SRST Endpoints (1)
A-FLEX-SW-12.5-K9 On-Premises & Partner Hosted Calling SW Bundle v12.5 (1)
A-FLEX-PROPACK-ENT Pro Pack for Cisco Control Hub Entitlement
A-FLEX-FILESTG-ENT File Storage Entitlement
SVS-FLEX-SUPT-BAS Basic Support for Flex Plan
A-FLEX-MSG-NU-ENT Messaging Named User Entitlement (1)
A-FLEX-P-ER Emergency Responder Smart License (1)
A-FLEX-P-ENH Enhanced Smart License (1)
A-FLEX-P-DEV-REG NU TelePresence Room
A-FLEX-P-DEV Telepresence Room Smart License (1)

we have to do implement integration between CUCM and WebEx Control Hub. Method clarification is require, either Expressway will be use in between or some like SIP TRUNK link with between both.

The Webex app communicates directly with CUCM/CUC/Expressway. There is no SIP trunk between Webex Control Hub and Expressway for UCM Calling. (There is for Webex Calling, Cisco’s UCaaS offering, but that’s not what you’re asking about or have.) The Pro Pack license is useful but irrelevant to this topic as well. Go read the documentation I linked to.

Hello Abdul,

I am also seeking for solution for same scenario. Calling to and fro  between on prem CUCM and Webex cloud calling.

If you have deployed this solution, could you please share in details steps or any specific document you have with pre requisites.


Calling between on-prem CUCM and Webex Calling was not the scenario the OP was asking about. It is supposed via CUBE, or another SIP SBC. See Configure Local Gateway on Cisco IOS XE for Webex Calling. Please post a new thread if you have follow-up questions.

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