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One click conferencing


Is it any way to conference certain party into an existing call with one or two button clicks? Let me explain what I'm trying to achieve.

We are testing a "LiveRecord" feature in Cisco Unity. It works great. But to turn on a recording, person should press "Conference" button, then enter a LiveRecord number, then press Conference again. It would be nice if we would put a "procedure" on a soft key, which will do all this with a single click (may be with two clicks maximum). Is it any way to do this?

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Re: One click conferencing

I'm afraid not.. Cisco still refuses to allow us to put applications on softkeys. So, the only way to do it would be an IP phone service that is bound to a line key, and which then would initiate the conference using TAPI or JTAPI or show an error message if there are no two calls / if the two calls are not in the proper state (for conferencing you need one in hold and one active, or one in active and one in ringing).


Re: One click conferencing

We had a customer request the same feature. We had one of our developers throw something together.

When the phone hits this service, it will then hit the softkeys in order to

make the conference.

You should be able to make any and all changes in the Default.aspx file. It

should be straight forward once you look at it.

Things to note are a simple delay of about 2.8 seconds between dialing the

conference number and returning to the phone call. This is because it takes

that long for the phone to present the softkey.

Also the IP address for the server hosting this phone services will need to

be changed accordingly.

This uses the .NET Framework 2.0, so the web server must be capable of

running .NET 2.0.

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