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UCCX script Recording issue

Curtis Fuentes


        I have uccx script set up for recording.  The way it works a branch location is suppose to be able to call in and record a message stating location and hours. When they attemp to hit 1 to save the message they are unable to. Can some one please provide assistance.

Thank you 

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You must authenticate a user before uploads to the repository will be accepted. Use the Get User and Authenticate User steps to do this before the Upload Prompt step is executed.

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Hi Jonathan,

                      I have the Authentication step in the script and is still not working.

Hi Carlos

You don't have an authentication step - an authentication step is not just comparing an input from a caller against a static PIN.

You must:

1) Use a Get User step to get a user object based on a string identifying the userID or extension, assinging the result to a User variable

2) Use a Authenticate User step to authenticate that user with a PIN or password

3) Reference the user with the 'upload' step.


Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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Hi Aron,

   Were does the script gets its uthentication from. I set up the script bit it tell me the pin is invalid ?

Sorry I am new at this.

It does an AXL query to CUCM so this will check against the CUCM Password or PIN. Of course this means that the user you lookup must be a valid End User object in CUCM as well.

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