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pkgName = NAC Appliance 4.5 - DraftproviderName = Cisco Systems, Inc.providerId = Craig.HypspkgVersion = 2.0pkgType = DEVICE_SUPPORTpkgDescription = Draft version of NAC Appliance 4.5 syslog parser.creationTime = 2009-02-11T04:47:17.964fileName = MAR...

Craig Hyps by Level 10
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Hello what is the best practice for a security design, the use of independant switch for every DMZ or use a single core switch, with high performance and density of ports and i segment it with vlan for every dmz??? thank

This has become very confusing for me....881 - supports Zone FW's with Advanced IP Feature set871 - Same861 - ??851 - Does not support Zone FW - but allows me to enter the commands. For the 881 the image name is "universal" and you are required to in...

Resolved! Subnet ID

Hi,I was asked to share a public ip to one of our partner in business,so that he can allow access to one of his application server through that public server.I shared IP of my firewall.All my internal network is patted to that.Public IP on my firewal...

sushil by Level 1
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Hi allI have a question. I have already made the migration from version 5.1 to 6.0, I would like to know how to upgrade Agent Kits? I need uninstall Agent Kit version 5.1 and download and install Agent Kit version 6.0 or there is a way for the migrat...