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Iam using Cisco Pix 501. Whenever i use network commands it get some delay in response. For example if I connect to network drive using net use command i get 4/5 second delay then the commands executes. Or if i open my maped drived it get some delay ...

taha104 by Level 1
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I have an FWSM in a 6509 configured to route 3 subnets. 'inside' is connecting to 'accounts' is and 'outside' is All are using 50 as security level. I have 'same-security-level' configured on the f...

jmcgrady by Level 1
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Does the ASA5510 support Cisco Secure Desktop and if so, where can I download it? All my searches result in software unavailable and then I'm redirected to the software download page. Also I see no mention of the ASA appiances in the Secure Desktop...

I'm not really sure which forum this should go in?Is it possible to redirect a desitnation address to a differnt destination address. Here is the senerio: There is a webserver (172.16.x.x)with that needs to talk to a webserver (192.168.x.x) on a diff...

Dear All,I have Pix 506 with 6.3 Version. Public IP is assigned on Outside Interface. Need to Nat internal server to public IP assigned on Outside interface, So far no luck through PDM. ANY Advise ??Regards

I have an issue getting to my own company website that is hosted by a web host on the outside. I can get to the website from anywhere except from behind my PIX. I have a 515e with a webserver in the DMZ. All websites hosted on the DMZ are accessib...