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Hello I am having a strange issue and would be grateful to have any insight as to why this is happening. An ASA is configure for two remote devices as follows object network obj-SV4(1:1) host network obj-SV5(1:1) host

Resolved! New ACL on the Top

 hello need help .  I am trying to add new ACL however its going end of my permit list how can add on the top of my router ? in ASA i can make it on the top by adding line however not sure how to make in router   access-list 101 deny   ip host 192.16...

Ok, after reading this forum, and several others, I got port forwarding working, Sort Of. It doesn't work the way I want it to, or that it used to with a different router... I want to forward any incoming traffic on port 8080 to a particular IP addre...

Hi,i want to ask if someone can help me with CSC card on ASA5520. It was working correct for nine months but today:In logs i see a message:%ASA-3-421001: TCP flow from Inside: to Outside: is skipped because Content Secur...

Given the following scenario what would be the best way to restrict the people connecting to this access point so that they can only access the internet and no other internal company resources like our exchange server, print server etc. I have includ...

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