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Virtual Matrix Display - Aspect Ratio Issue - help



I have a problem reg. the display of a set of video streams on the VM client (6.3.2).

The problem is when I have a mix of 16:9 and 4:3 streams, the 4:3 streams are stretched and therefor distorted. Tried the fixed aspect settings in the view section, but no help.

The display is a 16:9 monitor with 1920x1080 resolution and also set in the VMC settings.

Does somebody have an idea how to fix this?



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Gerald Burgess
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Does it only happen in VM?  What happens in the VSOM interface?

Right, on the VSOM pane everything is fine. Just when the same view is displayed on a VMC.


can you attach a screenshot?

The VSOM Ops view has the Fixed Aspect check box, does the Matrix view have that? 

Same issue with SD & HD cams mixed in the same multi-view for example, what you might need to do is to set the resolutions in all cameras the same, for example D1 or 4CIF or SVGA or ??? as a work-around. Some view stretching is being done when camera feeds are mixed resolutions or when trying to remove the black bars from views where the aspect ratio does not match the displayed feed box.

Yes, both are using the fixed aspect. The streams are either 720p or D1.

I will upload a sample. It should really be possible to mix, should it?



I was now able to make a comparision:

As you can see on the right side, aspect ratio is fine with a 4:3 stream. Same on the other side, the matrix client, it's distorted.

Maybe you have an idea?


Had the same problem after many discussions with Cisco got it corrected.  You need to access the broadware pages in the VSM.  On those pages is a section to setup displays.  You will have to create a display matrix with the resolution sizes you want. 

I will grab the screen captures when I can. to walk you through it.


Great info. Thanks for that hint.

Would appreciate if you may have some more info.

Thanks and regards


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