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Duo helps you reduce risks by setting and enforcing policies and app access.
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Occasionally when logging into a Windows 10 machine the process hangs. Usually caused by my mobile phone not being online for the push notification, but not always. When that happens I’m greeted with a blank screen showing an inactive duo dialog, o...

Y0tsuya by Level 1
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I have submitted a couple feature requests for Offline Authentication for Unix but it would seem that after 4 months, no plan to implement this feature is in sight. It’s to the point where I may have to start looking at other 2FA providers. This is v...

I've ran into this a few times now and have followed the installation instructions, but it still happens: root@gateway:/var/log# cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config # $OpenBSD: sshd_config,v 1.103 2018/04/09 20:41:22 tj Exp $ # This is the sshd server system-...

chown by Level 1
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Hi Team We are migrating DUO 2 to DUO 4 using duo-universal-sdk 1.1.2  version. Our application developed in spring, java. As per our organization policy we do not directly connect to duo host url we have to use socks outbound proxy url created by ou...

HI, I installed duo on my windows pc. I have 2 users, a local user with standard permissions, and an administrator user connected to Microsoft Accout. I installed duo for the local user and it works perfectly, but the administrator user disappeared i...

epoch by Level 1
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Is there an API call I can make to confirm if the username for a particular set of Client ID and Client Secret is currently Duo-authenticated (authentication not expired)? Taken from the C# example project, the RedirectPermanent(promptUri) call actua...

aghanchi by Level 1
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