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After Expressway X8.5.2 Upgrade Jabber for iPhone and Android disconnect / wrong password

Yesterday we upgraded our Expressway C and E to X8.5.2 from X8.2.1


Now, our Jabber for iOS and Jabber for Android devices are disconnecting more frequently. When the application is re-opened, the user is told that their password is wrong. If they re-enter their password, it will connect but will disconnect again eventually.


When switching between the office Wi-Fi and the cellular network, Jabber sometimes reconnects after a long period of time or sometimes never. Sometimes it's IM that doesn't reconnect or sometimes it's Phone Services that does not reconnect.


It is difficult to pinpoint a pattern but it is visibly less stable than the previous version we were using. No other configuration changes have taken place.


Reason for upgrade was due to no ringback tone when dialing outside numbers using Expressway

Who Me Too'd this topic