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RV320 Latest Firmware Will Not Load

Chet Prokop
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Level 1

The latest firmware for the RV320 posted Nov 17 as  I just downloaded and attempted to update to one of our bench RV320's running After it uploaded to the router, it kicked back a dialog saying bad firmware.

Re-downloading resulted in the same message.

Would someone check to see if there's an error in the .bin build?



Chet Prokop, PE, PhD
Cisco Select Partner
SMB - IT and Telecom Services
Houston, TX
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Level 1
Level 1
Can someone confirm that not hangs every 2-3 hours? hardware v3

Unfortunately, it hangs every 2-3 hours also on me. The problem is that I reverted to 1.3 and is also hanging few times per day.

Load balance is a mess but hangs also on link backup.

This router is nothing but a junk and Cisco doesn't care about it at all.

We have version running at customers and our own shop and have had zero problems after the Cisco re-posting of this version.  Suggest you contact TAC with specifics. We are running with failover mode and it works just fine and no hangs.


Chet Prokop, PE, PhD
Cisco Select Partner
SMB - IT and Telecom Services
Houston, TX

Few month ago, I reverted to 1.3 because, with, I cannot access the router, even if the router was online. The only solution was to enable https, with all the mess regarding certificates and security messages :).

Yesterday, due to your post, I decided to give it another chance. Less than 5 hours after FW upgrade to 1.4.17, the internet connection was down, with no message or log. The router was in "Load Balance".

Is exactly what other users said, that load balance is just a bad joke.

I had, and still have, for several years, a TPLink 6020 that worked perfectly in load balance. Absolutely no problem. I bought the RV320 because the transfer speed was better but when I am leaving home for several days, I am still moving from RV320 to TPLink, even is slower, just because I am afraid of losing camera and alarm access when I am out of the city. Is this a solution, to change the cables when leaving for holiday, when I have a "modern"RV320 in my house?

Today I will give it a try with failover mode, but for me this is not a good solution because I have two ISP, one with Static IP and 100 Mbps and one with Dynamic IP with 500 Mbps.

So is a lose-lose situation: I need the Static IP for the cameras, NAS and alarm system at home but I am losing plenty of speed due to failover mode.

Do you have any specific settings of the failover? I mean, those regarding bandwidth or  network service detection?


Thank you for trying!
I have only one provider at that location.
Failover wan with primary wan1.
Router mode. Three rv320's behind nat. Somehow one of them working stable
for 4 days already. Static address on wan1. Flexvpn client.

Two others keep hanging.

I do not know how relevant is this information but my RV320 blocks mostly during the night.

I know because my Synology NAS and also the Paradox alarm system always announces me when the connection is down.

Maybe is because of traffic, I don't know.

When the RV320 is "under pressure", during the day (PC, laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc), it works flawlessly.

Also, a very old problem, well known by users and, probably by Cisco, is the weird statistics of traffic; that abnormal value of 184...... of trillions of trillions ob bytes, that appears in minutes after traffic reset. Is an old problem, is known but nobody cares. 


Almost 3 days with no hangout but on failover.

For me is useless, as long as I have two ISP and I cannot use them both.

I will try a load balance again.