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I've noticed that in newer IOSs(i'm on a 7204 with 12.4(13d)) that copying configs to and from the router via xmodem are no longer there a reason for this? Putting a config to a device via xmodem was super convienient...

zztopping by Enthusiast
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Resolved! BGP Requirements

Hi,We're implementing BGP and we already have our AS number, and peering arrangements with 1 ISP (the other one is coming up next). In fact we already have an entry on our border router. Basically we are implementing BGP in order to provide us with...

Hi...We have configered the router in TACACS but we are not able to go on enable mode .Router ver - 11.3(2)please find below config aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ localaaa authentication login authtac group tacacs+ localaaa authentica...

Our current configurations for our lan are 2960 swithces that get their ip's from DHCP (not sure why our admin wanted it this way)so the basic configurations are this!interface Vlan1 no ip address no ip route-cache shutdown!interface Vlan134 ip addre...

Dear sir,We have 7206 router in that we want to add Isdn bri and pri lines over adsl so plz give me the part no which will suit on 7206 router.Thanks&Regardssrini

Dear sir,One of my customer is having head office (cisco 3660)b and branches having (cisco 1721 routers) for data transfer and now its working fine and he was connected his router ethernet on sinle 8 port un managed switch and alsohe was having cisco...

Hi,How can I do a loadbalancing in OSPF if there are 2 routers connected to a single destination. Both the routers are also connected using a cross cable.

drnteam by Beginner
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I am configuring my router through telnet for many times. today when i started telnet it was not working.then i start checking gradually and when i ping my ethernet interface it was unable to even ping that interface and i make ensure the following ...

Hi,our organisation presently have (2) 1841 Moduler Router and (15) Unmanageble Switches and (1) Cisco 2950 Switch with (250 )PC' question's are as follows.1) can we create 20 subinterface to support 20 vlans on 1841 router (yes/No)2)can we confi...

I think this might be classified as a dumb question but here goes. If 2 T1's terminate into a router and you want to differentiate which T1 clients use to go out to the internet, how is that accomplished. The route statement Ser3/0 wo...

dj214 by Beginner
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hi guys, is there a way to avoid fragmentation caused by gre tunneling (that is normal packet + gre header addition causes fragmentation)cpu cycles hits huge due to this fragmentation and defragmentation on tunnel destination anyone have idea ...

shiva_ial by Beginner
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I have a WAN link with high latency, usually around 950ms on my 'ping' replies. I'm using EIGRP but my neighbor adjacency drops of occasionally. Would using static routes solve this problem? My only concern is that I have two links connecting to th...

I have a 2811 that crashes when trying to load the IOS in memory. I can see it decompressing the image but its not able to load it. I have a new chassis that I want to use but I need to get the config out of the bad chassis. How can I do this? Ca...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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