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BGP advertised and received routes issue Can someone explain to me what I am missing my configuration given the issues below? I have attached devices mentioned below as well as others in the AS-PATH as well as the section of topology relevant to my i...

KevA by Beginner
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Hello,Last week i saw on one of my ASR1000 a strange behaviour. It reboot (reason: localsoft) after a strange set of commands load from memory by user:console.Here is an extract of the ASR logs:*Jul 16 13:17:52.307: %PARSER-5-CFGLOG_LOGGEDCMD: User:c...

Resolved! ACLs with FQDN

Hello folks!!Is there some way to permit or deny the traffic using ACLs with FQDN names instead of IP address?.Thanks in advance!!

Hi all,I have an ASR 9001 running IOS-XR 6.7.1I have the rare opportunity to do maintenance on the device, and would like to upgrade IOS-XR.I do see in the 6.9.2 release notes it mentions “In IOS XR Releases 6.8.x and 6.9.x, 2nd generation of ASR 900...

jacobrb by Beginner
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Hello can you guys help me with the implementation of the tunnel configuration of my network. I have3 sites Manila Bldg 1, Manila Bldg 2, and Singapore. A tunnel is created to lessen the hops and avoid the latency of the packets. Below is the confugr...

Web server connected to outside router, outside router connected to ASA5506, ASA5506 connected to inside router and inside router connected to PC. Is it normal when I send message from outside router to inside router failed, but inside router to outs...

Hi, hoping for some advice. New to SDA and fusion routers, have an issue whereby a VRF is unable to route to my legacy OSPF networks (to/from) on the fusion nodes which host the default routes so all OSPF traffic is following default route and being ...

Marco111 by Beginner
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We are seeing strange traffic issues with our Nexus switches, the issues are consistent but we believe there is something that we have wrong. Wondering if anyone else has had the same issue.  The issue we see if from Nexus 2 we cannot ping certain de...