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BGP Load balance


HI All,


I have a below topology with a Hub location and several remote locations Connected with MPLS links (Managed by ISP)

All location from the HUB are connected to two different MPLS service providers for redundancy as shown in topology.


We are using AS path prepend for path selection now.


Requirement: We would like to enable Load balancing on both the MPLS links ( Utilize both the MPLS links simultaneously), need your Guidance and suggestion to achieve the same.


Thanks in advance.

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May be network diagram missing here 


Look at the below example :



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Looking at your topology it seems to suggest the only rtrs you will be able to administer are the Core_hub and remote_1 rtrs which are both ibgp rtrs as such to enable LB on ibgp rtrs you enable maximum ibgp path feature, If you need to perform unequal load sharing due to different SP bandwidth then you may need the assistance of the SP rtrs to incorporate dmzlink-bw feature

HUB/Remote_1 rtr
router bgp xxx
bgp dmzlink-bw <-------------------------(Optional- enabled on all IBGP routers)
bgp bestpath as-path multipath-relax<-------(Optional-if ispf asns are different)
neighbor <SP1> remote-as xxx

neighbor <SP2> remote-as xxx
maximum-paths ibgp 2

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Kind Regards

Joseph W. Doherty
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BTW, another possible might be something like Cisco's PfR, which can dynamically load balance, including using unequal bandwidth paths (i.e. using them proportionally).

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