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configuration of NIM-ES2-4


I'm VERY much a beginner !  Is there some magic ip address to use for interface vlan ????  I want is to configure gigabitethernet0/1/0 as a port connected to an unmanaged switch for PC, printer, NAS, etc !  The addresses should be assigned by dhcp pool and default-router !

What I've tried is random ip address for vlan 5 ----- interface gig0/1/0 will NOT accept ip address with dhcp pool ----- gig0/1/0 will accept switchport access vlan 5 and switchport mode access !  My PC does not get valid ip address !  Other than, NO experience, what am I missing?

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YES, I have that configuration guide ----- I reset the router to factory setting and started over again !!!!  I have programmed a WAN on gig0/0/0, a dhcp pool, and a LAN on gig0/0/1.  Looking at the configuration guide:  page 3)  step 2) I enter interface vlan 1 because it is the router default vlan and media type is already ethernet.  step 3) I tried to enter ip address -----that address is the default-router for the dhcp pool and I used it to config gig0/0/1 so it creates a conflict.  I'm a beginner and find all of this VERY frustrating.  Can't a dhcp pool be used on more that one router port ????  I sure hope so ---------

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