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Frame-Relay Issue


Hi everybody,

I'm studying for my CCNA exam.

I'm busy setting up a frame-relay lab.

Everything is going well so far, but when i finished the lab after a few minsee i can't ping some routers anymore.

in the beginning i can ping everything.

All my mappings are still active and up.

The routes on the frame relaye switch are also active .

What can cause this to happen?

My lab is in attachment .

Passwords are cisco

Kind regards,


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Reza Sharifi
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Hall of Fame Master

Can you change the file extension from .rar to some thing else, so I can view it?  .doc is good.

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Which all routers you are not able to ping now?



CCIE (R&S) 25070

Hi Najaf and Reza

Thx for fast reply.

In the beginning everything works fine, but after a while i can't ping let's say any router anymore.

So i can't answer the question.

Can this be gns3 or is this congestion ?



the lab is done in gns3 (Reza)


replace your WIC-2T in slot 0 by NM-4T in slot 1 and it should work, I've had lots of problems with WIC-2T and 3725 platform  too and with NM-4T never had an issue.



Don't forget to rate helpful posts.

Don't forget to rate helpful posts.

Well i'm back.

i tryed it ,but when i try to remove the wic-2t and add nm-14t to slot 1   push apply .Wic-2t stays in that other slot.

I've tryed it with a new lab .First adding the nm-4t module then connecting it to a router.When i look back to the router i see that wic 2t is back.

I've read this on forum about it :

In the real world: a WIC-2T will give you two async/synchronous serial interfaces, and the NM-4T will give you 4 synchronous only serial interfaces. A NM-4T is a network module which is usually about the size of 4 WIC cards. They both use different types of physical connectors, but offer relatively the same functionality, connecting various remote topologies together. WIC-2T connects via a Smart Serial cable. NM-4T uses a DB-60 serial cable. Maximum data rates on the NM-4T are 8 Mbps on port 0; 4 Mbps each on port 0 and port 2; or 2 Mbps on all four ports simultaneously (8 Total). Depending on the slot the WIC-2T is inserted into, it can support up 8Mbs on both ports with a maximum of 6 ports at 8Mbps each.

How can i replace them on a existing lab?



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