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Help with interface issue

Mike McWethy
Level 1
Level 1

As of recent, I am experiencing a weird problem on one of my router interfaces. About once a day, I cannot access it via the IP address. A traceroute will fail at it as well. When I console in and check the status, I am seeing that it is up/up. There are no entries in log to indicate any bouncing. The rxload/txload are both at 1/255. However, I am showing packets as being dropped in the output queue when I do a "sh int summ". This is a fast ethernet interface on an older router. I have swapped out cables thinking maybe it was a cable issue. The interface is set to full duplex. Is it possible the link is being saturated and that is the cause for the packet drop? If I do a shut/no shut to bounce the port, everything is resolved and I can then log in using the IP on the interface and it will respond to traceroute. Any ideas?

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Could be an IOS bug.

Level 4
Level 4

Just an idea: is it possible that problem is originated by device connect to that router's interface ? When you sh/no sh the interface also the other device "reset" interface status. May be the problem is there.



The other side is connected to a Cisco switch. The switch port stats show no errors of any kind and virtually no utilization. The switch log shows no bouncing or no references to the switch port in question.

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