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How to check throughput on CIsco router CISCO2911/K9

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Hi Guys,

i have one router CISCO2911/K9 and i am observing cou utilization more than 50% but unable to find any cpu process which is running.

i just observed that router has 50M ISP link and it is utilizing more than 50%.

So just want to know how to measure total throughput on router of model CISCO2911/K9?

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Most of the interface can be used the interface which using go out and in traffic from the router.


check this thread and commands:


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Joseph W. Doherty
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It would have been helpful if you had posted the results of a show proc cpu sorted, including, say, the first process lines.

I suspect, however, since you don't know of any CPU process using most of the CPU, it's likely being used within by "interrupt" processing.

For more information, you might review show proc cpu info, in particular, mention of the interrupt level percentage.  Interrupt level processing, basically, is "routine" packet forwarding processing, and does not otherwise show as a "process".

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