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Can Path MTU discovery be configured on a physical interface like tunnels interfaces ' tunnel path-mtu-discovery" ?I know we can configure "ip tcp path-mtu-discovery" as a global config command but why not on a physical interface?

Hi CSC, Does the FTD support neighbours where I can use the local-as command also with the no prepend replace-as?The FTD has an active AS already but the other end I need to peer with can't use this due to clashes. The plan was to configure the FTD t...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
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I have a Nexus 9000 that I need to add BGP on (we are currently running EIGRP)   I have the feature turned on the Nexus  Feature Name Instance State-------------------- -------- -------- bash-shell 1 enabledbfd 1 enabledbgp 1 enabledrouter bgp 64640n...

We have requirement to stream couple of multicast streams through MPLS cloud to remote sites.Here is the setup.Encoder-L2 Switch-WAN CPE-MPLS WAN-WAN CPE-L2 Switch-DecoderWe dont have testing environment to verify the configs. i am looking to verify ...

I understand that AS_PATH is the loop prevention mechanism used between different ASs running BGP. My question is does iBGP have any loop prevention mechanism within the same AS?. From the search I have done so far, there were comments that iBGP uses...

We're migrating from an RV325 to a ISR 1111-4P router. We currently have PPTP VPN server working on the RV325.We're using 17.5.1 IOSRouter#show version Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 17.05.01a Cisco IOS Software [Bengaluru], ISR Software (ARMV8EL_LIN...

Greetings,I'm an Application layer pen tester not familiar with Networking appliances.  If a Server shows indications of port 179 being open and cleartext port 21 FTP open, I'm thinking the server I'm looking at is hosting some type of BGP configurat...

vcAndrew by Level 1
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I am trying to trunk a 9500 to an existing 3850 stack.   I believe this is possible,   and I have tried the basic trunking configs.    Are there any quirks that could help?    I can not put up the config here due to the sensitivity of the traffic, bu...

skraps78 by Level 1
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Hoping some of the experts here can catch me up to speed on this curiosity I have.      ASR901 > Int 5 > service instance XXX > Fiber > Cisco 6500 > Int 5 > Trunk Why does the port on the ASR show a status of "routed" when it has service instance app...

KGrev by Level 4
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