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Inbound BGP selection from Google Cache Server (video content)




Having multiple gateway A & B. 1G bandwidth for each GW. total 2G

Current inbound traffic A 98% utilized. for B inbound traffic was under utilized below 50%

From Analysis many traffic came form video Google cache was using GW A and not using GW B

Need solution how to divert video traffic by using GW B path. using BGP method.




Naren K

Before I comment I would like to see more detail like existing traffic flow (Internal dummy source to Internet) diagram with peering detail, etc.


Happy to Help



I'm having trouble with summary ads, do the ads to Google Cache, but the navigation just by preferring drain inetrnet where are advertised more specific blocks such as / 22, / 23 and / 24.

You can say something about this solution? For consigar force out the Google Cache?



Julio Araujo.

Check this url.

if it shows your upstream provider name, you may tell them not to advertise your prefixes to their GGC. Or if you get traffic from Google ASN, try to find some communities for prefix control.

Hello, thank you for your advice, but I found out what happens, cahce goolge servers prioritize summarized blocks, not the more specific such as BGP.


from internal traffic will using path A to go out. the traffic come in not control. now.. many traffic espacially traffic from youtub using path B for come in. how to control only traffic from youtube go in to path A.

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