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MPLS Network Design

Scott Hanson

Hello all,

in a hub and spoke network we have an MPLS router and an Internet router at each site.  I was thinking we could put both functions on 1 router and configure HSRP.  Each router would also be doing a backup VPN tunnel back to the central site.

Can anyone comment on this design and if it is feasible?

Thanks in advance!  Replies rated.                 

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Bilal Nawaz
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hello, I don't see an issue in having Internet and MPLS services on the same router. If you have a default route out to the Internet, and your internal interfaces with routes to the hub and other sites, doing MPLS, VPN, this works in theory, why shouldn't it work? Are you saying that there are two routers per site? (HSRP)

If so, since you only have one router handling the Internet, does that mean you only have one leg out to the Internet per spoke? In which case you won't be able to split between 2 routers, unless there's a layer 2 device in between? Likewise for MPLS (or your private network I assume)

Hope this helps

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