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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Cisco Live is not just Cisco's annual customer conference, where partners and customers learn new technologies, discuss business trends, share ideas and network. It is also the industry's premier education and training event for IT, networking, and communications professionals.

You can register for free to use the Cisco Live On-demand Library to access these really cool  Next Generation Firewall session videos and presentations.

Take a look at these:

  • A Deep Dive into using the Firepower Manager: The Firepower Manager  is the beating heart of leveraging a Next Generation security architecture. However, most users only leverage the smallest capabilities as an event viewer and policy manager. This session takes a deeper-dive into how the Firepower Manager works and can significantly improve your security and business capabilities. This session examines how the system actually reduces the amount of time required to respond to events, how to create your own custom correlations to monitor for indications of compromise that are unique to your network, how to automate security response and integrate Cisco technologies with the rest of your security framework, and how to maximise reporting to demonstrate security effectiveness and the value you bring to your business.
  • Firepower Threat Defence: Advanced Capabilities, Deployment and Troubleshooting Options: This session captures the capabilities of Firepower Threat Defence that make it an extremely capable Next Generation Firewall. The session will help you look under the hood and learn more about the advanced features available on Firepower Threat Defence. In addition to providing some recommendations around the best practices while using these features, the session will also help you understand the best deployment options to effectively secure your networks. One of the key takeaways will be the understanding of how the various features are brought together and what options are available to you for troubleshooting any problems you may face while deploying Firepower Threat Defence.
  • NGFW Clustering Deep Dive: This advanced session provides a comprehensive overview of the clustering capability in Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and Firepower Threat Defence (FTD) security applications. In addition to the functional deep dive into clustering design and operation, this presentation will discuss specific deployment scenarios and share best practices for a successful deployment of an ASA or FTD cluster. Several case studies involving currently supported network designs as well future plans will be discussed. Familiarity with standalone ASA and FTD capabilities as well as the overall firewall feature set is required.
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