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Does the Cisco Support Software Suggestions API provide recommendations for Meraki devices?  I have not been able to get a positive result, but my results in general with this API have been pretty poor, with what I would consider common PIDs not retu...

smathias by Beginner
  • 5 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes {    "paginationResponseRecord": {        "pageIndex": "1",        "lastIndex": "1",        "totalRecords": "2",        "pageRecords": "2",        "selfLink": ...

darocstar by Beginner
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We requested client access token to access the CS-API inventory and customer API's.  However, when we attempt to test the API in postman with the client ID and secret we receive a 403 forbidden response.  We found this post that looked similar https:...

Has anyone seen this problem? Using the below URL Returns this: <snip>           "id": "2",            "product": {                "basePID": "WS-C3750X-24T-S...

manning by Beginner
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1. I have access to my customer SNTC portal. 2. I have been granted as both customer user and API developer. 3. I have added csapi-customer api to my application 4. When I request a token with postman using clients & client secret from my application...

steffenwebb by Enthusiast
  • 12 replies
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I am using customer id to access service API for contract coverage , I am getting success(200) but i am getting empty data set{"data": []} can someone help in regards to this, I was looking into community for answers and i found someone saying its be...

Greetings,I am trying to request access to the below. Please assist. Are these the correct APIs to gain EOL information?csapi-alerts Hardware EOL Hardware EOL Bulletin https://ap...

Hello,I'm very new to working with API's so apologies in advance. I'm using Postman for testing the EoX API and others.  I'm using Get New Access Token to request a token using Grant Type: Authorization Code. I have my application registered on the C...

 Is there a place to get a list of the available base pids, product series names, and software releases? Trying to guess what the APIs accept is tedious. Thank you,Dustin

marphlap by Beginner
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