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Smart Call Home enabled devices perform proactive diagnostics on their own components to provide real-time alerts and remediation advice when an issue is detected. An embedded support feature available on a broad range of Cisco products, it is provided at no additional cost with an active Smart Net Total Care Service, SP Base, Unified Computing Support Service, or Mission Critical Support Service contract for the designated products.

This Community will provide you with an overview about Cisco Smart Call Home features and how these features are embedded in a wide range of Cisco products to help your network. Smart Call Home provides higher network availability and support service quality.

Smart Call Home Portal Performance

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CSSM alert.log empty but alerts on system


I have alerts/errors on synchronisation between cssm on prem and

Manual sync with my personal CCO account works well.


grep "ALERT" on /var/log/messages I get the following:

Aug  8 18:27:01 <hostname> 7522727cc458: [SyncWorker 08669fc4d13aed59186414b6] [MAJOR ALERT] Access Token not found. Synchronization cannot proceed.
Aug  8 18:27:01 <hostname> docker-compose: backend           | [SyncWorker 08669fc4d13aed59186414b6] [MAJOR ALERT] Access Token not found. Synchronization cannot proceed.

How should I start troubleshooting on this problem ?

Downloaded the logs but alert.log is empty.
I configured remote syslog logging, but nothing of these errors will get logged.
Anybody knows how remote logging will work, and how to check the status ?
For me it looks lile all the logging is hidden in the docker containers.


Best regards


Cisco Employee

The best forum to discuss On-Prem Satellite will actually be within the NMS space:

I was able to find a known-defect with some similar symptoms and the workaround is fairly straightforward:

Sounds like you may have already applied this workaround, but until a fix is available for the On-Prem software specifically the token may become invalidated after 30 days, at which point re-authenticating with your CCO will refresh it.

Thank's, good to know that there is a bug.


Thanks and best regards,


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