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How do we simulate an event to test the open SR function

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Do we have details on how to simulate:

An event on a device so the customer can test/experience how alert process works and….

An event on a device so the customer can test/experience the alert with SR create process.

The Deployment Guide states we can simulate alert and refers to the configuration guide by device.

The device in question is the ASR9K . Where in the configuration guide do we show “Testing Cisco TAC case creation with a simulated fault(s)”


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Bryan Williams

Unfortunately, due to the variety of devices that support call home, there is no common command that will generate a test alert on all devices.

Instead, we added an option to force Smart Call Home to create a test Service Request based on any type of call home message. 

On the Edit Device Preferences screen in the Smart Call Home portal, look for a new option labeled "Raise Demo SR on next Call-Home Message:".  Check the box and the next message received from that device will trigger a Demo Service Request. 

The Demo Service Request is a real Service Request.  The customer will receive an email with a link to the Service Request from Smart Call Home.  However, it will not be routed to a TAC engineer and it will be deleted automatically after several days. 

To follow:

Is there a command we can run on the device that will cause an event to be sent to Cisco so that we can test this real time ?

Will this work with devices currently under the proof of concept function ?

Simulating a fault generally only works on devices with GOLD and the commands vary by platform.  A demo SR will be generated for any type of call home message.  For example, with that box checked an inventory message would result in a demo SR.  The command to send an inventory message is already documented in the quick start guide for each platform.

The demo SR checkbox is available for devices registered for the 120 day trial period.  In fact, all SRs raised under a trial period are treated as demo SRs.



I can't get this demo SR to work. I check "demo SR" checkbox and generate an Inventory. I do recieve the Inventory notification in my mailbox, but no SR is created.

You mention above that any type of call home message will generate this demo SR, but the only doumentation I find regarding demo SR says something else. On page 16 on the new "Smart Call Home Deployment Guide" I find this:

Step 7. Click Submit. When a Call Home message [that generates a service request]

is sent, a demo service request will be generated.

So two questions:

Why isn't a demo SR created?

Does any call home message rasie a demo SR (if checkbox checked...) or does it require a call home message that would have triggered a real SR?

Hi jmandersson,

I see a demo SR was opened yesterday for an inventory message sent from a Cat6500.  The contact on the SR was your id.  As Bryan stated above, any call home message should generate a demo SR once the checkbox is checked. 



But what is missing then? Why wasn't the SR forwarded to my email? Has I missed a setting on the SCH web-portal?

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