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SNTC Portal vs CIsco Prime


I was on a call with a customer that is currently using Cisco Prime as their install base management tool; we are also trying to onboard them on the SNTC Portal. The customer asked what the SNTC portal does that Cisco Prime doesn't.


The customer stated that Prime can monitor their devices both online and offline, open TAC cases, automated configuration, software deployment, alert management.


Is there a living document that shows how the Total Care portal and Cisco Prime compliment each other when using both to monitor network? What are the main differences between the Total Care Portal and Cisco Prime? Are there any big value add features that SNTC portal can provide that Prime cannot?


Do you get the EOL and support coverage details when using Prime?


It is my understanding that there isn't currently an integration with the Total Care Portal and Cisco Prime; resulting in the customer having to do a duplicated effort to get data inside both tools. Do you know if this integration is on the road map? If so, any timeline?


Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Doug Hudson

Business Development Manager

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Sydney Fisher
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The main difference between the SNTC portal and Prime is their intended main functions. Prime is  a network management product. SNTC is a support service. The SNTC portal main value is the installed base, contract status and alert information it provides about the devices on the customer's network.  It does not provide network management features. SNTC also includes foundational device level TAC support, RMA options, OS upgrades, and access to Cisco's knowledge base that Prime doesn't provide.  Customers use both for different purposes.

Hey Sydney,


Thank for you for your response and this is very helpful.


Is there a one pager that shows SNTC portal and CIsco Prime side by side and identify the gaps that each tool fills to show how powerful using both of these install base management tools will be to proactively monitoring their SmartNet environment?


Thanks in advance,


Doug Hudson

Business Development Manager

Not a one page doc, but here are a few slides that may be useful.

Hello Sydney,

I am having a similar situation to Doug's. This is very helpful thank you for this information. Where might I find these slides?

Would you be able to provide information about the differences between Prime and SNTC? A Public Sector account is currently working with Prime and would like to find out if they have to choose between either one or able to work with both.  




Hello Andrew,


Please review the following link which will provide you more details about Prime vs SNTC.


The following document also explains what differentiates Smart Net Total Care deliverables, accentuating customer service in conjunction with Prime LMS:

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