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Hello all, I have a 2950 router. I want to upgrade my memory. From what I hear Cisco offers memory upgrades, but it's for hundreds of dollars. I also heard that I could go through other vendors and it would not cost an arm and a leg. Could anyone...

Keyurp by Level 1
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Hi All,,I need your expert suggestion on how do i get rid of the fabric merging situation on my Fabrics.Below is a short description of my environment..We have 2 Fabrics in our environment namely FAB A and FAB B, we have been running on this for the ...

Hi everyone,Can you please get the part number for the below cisco product. should this be the mds 9500 series?please adviseCISCO SAN SWITCH WITH SUPPORT FORMS A 2000 ARRAY STORAGEthankssam

rahman001 by Level 1
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Cisco has released the Supervisor-2A for the MDS: supports FCoE, but with what modules?  Does anyone have any information on what modules support FCoE, how t...

bfeeny by Level 1
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Hi.I work with a MDS9513 version 5.0(1a), and Fabric Manager version 4.1(1b), HDS USPV and hosts Dell R900 with Red Hat Enterprise 5.A few days ago, a HBA connected in a port was replaced by another HBA(Other host) and the first HBA continued in map'...

Hello guys,When i connect a new switch to my fabric, i always see VSAN0001 segments. We are not using VSAN001 for anything, its state is down does not really affect anything but i just hate to see it listed like that. Other than setting "trunk a...

dynamoxxx by Level 5
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hi everyone,can any one  help me in finding in depth information about converged network  adapter[CNA]information  like in depth information about cna, types of cna, working of cna and  soi  googled for it but could not find enough informationthankin...

Since PFC in FCoE requires 802.1p CoS value, is it a requirement to use an 802.1q trunk for devices connected to a Nexus 10Gb Ethernet port?  There is a configuration command "priority-flow-control on" at the interface level.  Will this add the 802.1...

Hi,This is my first setup of an MDS zone and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here. Here is my config that matters:device-alias database  device-alias name TESTST01-B pwwn 20:15:00:a0:b8:11:39:de  device-alias name TESTSVR01-A pwwn 21:00:00:1b...

peter by Level 1
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We have an DC migration in progress. The setup included a MDS 9509 in the old DC and a MDS 9509 in the new DC. ISL was done between the two switches.All fabric connections were moved to the new switch though zones\zonesets remained on the old switch....