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SG220-26 VLANS

Dean Thompson

Excuse the newbie in me, VLANS are new to me and I decided to create them for the pure reason of security.  With all the devices around these days, Echo Dots and so forth, I want these off of my regular network and put into a Virtual Network.


I have a PFSense router box that I made, I have 2 VLANS assigned to one of the interfaces, each with their own DHCP server.


VLAN 10 -

VLAN 20 -


From my PFSense I have a connection configured as a trunk port going to my SG220-26 switch.  If I configure lets say port 5 on my switch as an access port, my non-VLAN aware device will lose connection.  If I configure the port as a general port it connects but to the default VLAN of 1.....


I am at a loss with VLANs, I thought they would be simple to implement, but after a few days I am at the point of walking away.


I know this is only a home network, but I take security seriously and really need some help to get this thing working.


Ask questions and I will provide the details needed.


I appreciate your time in helping me.

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Accepted Solutions

Looking at the mac address table, have you got the pfsense box connected to wrong switchport? :

1 | 00:26:55:E2:E2:4E | Dynamic           | gi1
1 | 00:26:55:E2:E2:4F | Dynamic           | gi13

...shouldn't that MAC appear on Gi13? Maybe the port numbering on the HP NIC is not what you think it is? Try swapping Gi1 an Gi13 around.





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Seb Rupik
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Hi there,

Please provide the running config of the switch.


My first guess would be that you have not configured the correct access VLAN on port 5....but lets take a look at the config :)