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10Gbit Switch with 24 SFP+ and 4 10GitBaseT Options?

I am in need of a 10 Gbit Switch with around 24 SFP+ Ports and a minimum of 4 10GigBaseT Ports.  This is for connectivity to several EMC Devices and UCS Servers with SFP+ direct attach and some with 10GbitBaseT Copper Ports on our iSCSI SAN.  Unfortunately the smallest switch I have been able to find with both SFP+ and Copper 10 GbitBaseT Ports is the Nexus 5K Model 5596T which is a bit overkill with 32 10GbitBaseT and 16 SFP+ ports with options for 3 more expansion modules.  Not to mention the price is a little high and it takes up 2 RU which I would prefer 1 RU.

Is there any smaller switch available that has both 10 GbitBaseT and SFP+ Ports?  Ideally in 1RU?


VIP Mentor

what about the new 3850 range

what about the new 3850 range the XS/XU series did you check them , there is different variations of them maybe worth a look although they could be more expensive , most 10GB Cisco are quite dear still



The 2 problems are.

The 2 problems are.

1.  I don't see anything in the 3850 or 4500x line that actually has 10GigBaseT uplink modules.  The uplink modules all appear to be SFP+ modules.

2.  I would use 10GigBaseT SFP+ modules, but I am a bit concerned that the only ones available are non Cisco and have some caveats such as getting really hot and drawing more power than the SFP+ ports are designed to normally supply.  If Cisco released their own, or officially supported a 3rd party 10GigBaseT SFP+ module I would go that route, but I don't want to risk an expensive switch with a 3rd party SFP+ module. 

Likely going to go to the 5596T since it will support our needs for now and give us 3 expansion module slots for future needs. 

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Hmm, a specific match for

Hmm, a specific match for what you're looking for doesn't come to mind.  You're aware of the Nexus, and Mark has suggesed the 3850, others you might consider are the 4500-X or the 6840.  There might also be something in Cisco SMB series that's suitable, like the SG350XG-24F or SG550XG-24F.

As to copper 10g ports, could you not use a copper transceiver?

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