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4500-x or nexus 3064-32T for core?

Ali Hosny

Hello Everyone,

i am in the process of building our network in our new location , we have 3 floors with around 200 users in each floor, our current topology is as follows:

10 cisco sg-300 as access switches  with 1 X 2960XR as a distribution in each floor

each 2960XR will be connected through 2 X 10Gbe fiber uplinks to the core switch thats a total of 5 fiber 10 Gbe uplinks. 

in our server room we have 3 dell R720 servers , 1 EMC storage unit, the servers and the storage will be connected through 2 X 10Gbe copper connections for a total of 10G copper conenctions.

we are in a choice between the 4500-X and nexus 3064-32T as a core switch , if you can recommend which one to use as we will mix 1G/10G fiber/copper connections , no vlan routing to be done on the core switch. i have read a pretty good reviews on the 4500-x but i am not sure about the 3064.

would you recommend any other options to this design.

thanks in advance 

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What switch have you decided on?

Sorry for the delay , i have bought the 3064-32T , it seemed more cost effective as the transceivers are so expensive and it has more ports too.


I am trying to make the same decision. Ar you happy going with the Nexus?

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