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 does anyone know what sfp module to use with the ie 2000 switch? i have tried Proline GLC-SX-MMD-CDW and Cisco GLC-SX-MMD= and they both dont seem to get me any connectivity. gbic-invalid is enabled as well. 

John1982 by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 2901 router with a EHWIC card installed within the device. I created the following interfaces and a physical wire is connected to each router EHWIC port and to a LAN switch that is configure for the VLAN associated with that port. What...

GW M by Beginner
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Hi All I am currently in process of deploying APIC-EM using the IWAN app to setup my routers. I have a question around the address pools, Am I right in saying for the dmvpn tunnels you must manually configure the loopback on the device first should y...

Hello!  I have a quick question I'm struggling with because I don't have a subnet mask.  The answer is "b" here.  I think I'm overthinking this.  Can someone tell me a quick way to approach these kinds of questions?  I've been confusing myself.  THAN...

Bagley5777 by Beginner
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Hi - Need help with our multicast design. our company has two offices / regions. Office 1: 10.150.x.x - 2 Nexus Switches N7K1 and N7K2 used as RPs Office 2: 10.250.x.x. - 2 Nexus Switches N7K1 and N7K2 used as RPs Both offices are connected over laye...

Bali Khan by Beginner
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Hi,   We were testing multicast routing in the network and we observed odd results. Apparently, the network core is a Meraki that supports multicast. It's a very small network but the results are different from a lab environment that is using pure Ci...

jpl861 by Enthusiast
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Hi all,   I thought this would be a simple question to answer but i can't seem to find the cause but i've got a standard ACL on an interface on a router to block a network of from accessing a server on a different subnet of so i...

wilson419 by Beginner
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Hi all.   We recently implemented port security on almost all of our access catalyst 2960-x switches, but are encountering some issues whereby if USER1 uses his laptop on a configured port-security port, he will be able to access internet (or any net...

Jose-Net by Beginner
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With my job I am studying for the CCNA and have got onto all routing protocols. I have made several collapsed core networks with the core and distribution on one tier with vlan ip's and stp root bridges set. This was with 4 vlans. The network also us...