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Redistribute Local /32 via OSPF

Hello, I'm currently trying to find out if there's a way to use ospf to redistribute the /32 ip address that's assigned to an interface with a /24 address. This would be useful as I have a core router (R1) that has two point-point links that connect ...

cant ping from pc , can ping from switch

ok this is very strange . 50 - 100 switches  i can ping 80% of them fine . 4 or 5 switches  on my network i cant ping from the pc . but if i go directly to the switch i have the computer connected to that is 5 hops away from the other switch and any ...

def332233 by Beginner
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POE Not working on 3750 switch

Dear Team, Actually we are using cisco 3750 switch in two separate segment, But in first switch we can able to access IP phone using POE port but the same version second switch POE is not working?  Is i need to configure anything to activate the POE...

Resolved! How to configure router to connect to two different stack switch belonging to the same broadcast domain?

Hi all, I have this design plan for redundancy for our stack switch. i have simulated it and works perfectly fine (using STP). Somehow I notice i cannot simulate the router to switch connection. The routers will be connected to the two stack switches...

rrairineo1 by Beginner
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Resolved! VLans communication with Router

I have Cisco Layer 3 Switch 3860 with 12 SFP ports (no ethernet), connected with Cisco 2960 switch and a Router Cisco 2911. Currently I have created 4 VLans i.e. 10 ( /, 20(, 30( & 40( / 255.25...

Resolved! Switch WS6509-E IOS upgrade

Hello Bro's, I have here in the Datacenter cisco 6509-e switch, pretty nice but I have question here, WHAT IOS's to check for the upgradability? I have here Sups, modules,..etc?Is there any differences in upgrading the IOS? we just used to tftp it i...

The channel group number 853 is invalid

Hi anyone seen this error? Not able to find info about it.  %EC-SW2-3-INVALID_CHANNEL_GROUP The channel group number 853 is invalid. The valid range is 0-512. This is a channel to which a wism2 blade is connected. As the channel was created by the s...

ASR 920 ISO XE command help

Hi There, I am not sure If I have chosen the correct forum, Appreciate if someone can suggest the correct forum name If this is not the correct one. Here is the summary on the help I need. I have an ASR 920 IOS XE router , now I have not configured a...

%PCMCIAFS-5-DFS_CLOSE_ERR: Error during close of the file NVRAM.

When I save configuration every time, I see these log: 000169: Apr  5 09:22:34.351: %PCMCIAFS-5-DFS_CLOSE_ERR: Error during close of the file NVRAM.73. Failed to update the FAT sectors. 000170: Apr  5 09:22:34.351: %PCMCIAFS-5-DFS_CLOSE_ERR: Error du...