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Hi! Can anyone tell me if the CNA needs the IOS tar archive or does it also run with bin image? I can't test it yet, therefore I have to ask. Thanks!

Hi, i have scenario with two 4500 - core, with vss configuration. though it will be one core " logically ", but can i have dhcp on both with same pool  ? in case if one of them or VSL went down for any reason! R, AM

ahmad1982 by Level 1
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Hello.  I just want to know how to configure SHA256 of enable password on 6509/4500. and which IOS version supports it?? I tried to find out but i couldn't . Sorry for this easy question. : ( My 4500 is running with 15.2(Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch  Soft...

CATYO by Level 1
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Hello Experts, I have a stack of 4 cisco 3750 switches and its making lot of noise since last one week. Please have a look at the outputs belowS3N-100-ASW1#sh env all FAN 1 is OK FAN 2 is OK FAN PS-1 is OK FAN PS-2 is NOT PRESENT SYSTEM TEMPERATURE i...

nshinde01 by Level 1
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Hi All, Can anyone advise how to go about finding what is responsible for the drops in this copp class-map? I suspect this my be impacting hosts in vlans where this switch is def gateway. We have two 9k with VPCs.  I did a ethanalyzer capture with...

adeboick1 by Level 1
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A client purchased an AIR-... as above, they cannot get it to be recognized on their local network as a wireless access point. The DHCP server gives it an IP address but the local admin cannot access by IP, wireless WIFI, or Cisco AitProvision. The ...

gpoe by Level 1
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Hello everyone, I am new to the community, and need some advice.  I have been looking network types and understand them as they are presented in the displayed context, but am having trouble visualizing the 3 tier model and how they would look incorpo...