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Hi I am working on a packet capture/monitoring design - and have a question -Will traffic be forwarded from a Destination Monitor Port - If the capture appliance were to send traffic back.I am assuming this would be blocked/filtered But I am looking ...

Dear All,I am new user to Cisco configuration tool.How i can find out the compatability and the part code for any SFP module?suppose i am offering a cisco WS-C2960S-24TD-L switch, and want to add 10G module, from whrer i get the part code of the modu...

Hi,I have a Cisco CBS3020-HPQ chassis switch running IOS 12.2.(25r)SEF3.  One of the ports is in "disabled" state but when I try to unshut it, it doesn't work, the switch logs shows the following event:%PLATFORM_ENV-3-LOOPBACK_PORT_POST_ERR: Gi0/1 ca...

Hi, I am attempting to setup total 8 VLAN’s on a cisco C3560X switch that uses a Sonicwall NSA as the gateway. The VLAN’s need to be completely separate from each other but able to get ip(DHCP) and access the internet via the Sonicwall. My ip plan is...

Dears,I need to apply changes to our production network, but I need to fully recognize the impacts for these changes before implementation, briefly we have MQC applied on interface Gi 0/0 and we need to add PBR on the same interface, what are the pre...

We are deploy a upgrade and we have a doubtWe copy the new ios software to the sup and slavesup. After the reset on the slavesup, it is coming up, we can see the boot process, but the console access stops unexpectedly.In the Active Sup we can see all...

mukka by Level 1
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   Question is does cisco have any kind of guards that go over those ejector buttons on the modules.  In testing today we noticed the fine feature if you happen to accidently hit both of the ejector buttons it will kill the cards without even pulling...

glen.grant by VIP Alumni
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Hi,Does anyone know how to find ttl from ping on cisco devices?For example on windows I can find outPinging with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=40ms TTL=49Reply from bytes=32 time=41ms TTL=49R1#ping es...

danto by Level 1
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Resolved! VSS Upgrade..

Hi TeamDue to some bugs i am planning to  upgrade current VSS release from 15.1.1.sy to 15.1.1.sy1 ..We are  planning to follow the procedure mentioned below...Please suggest your  thoughs on the same..Copy the new image to the bootflash on SUP engin...

Hello expert,I was put up with a strange question by my lead and i couldnt reply him back. Could you please help me out.The destination im trying to rach is only 2 hops away. The First ping response took 25ms , second and further responses are only 1...

hii have a problem in my network i can`t handle in myself6 routers in network running ospf & 2 of them are asbri call them A & Brouter A is a broadband BRAS with some static routes that has been adverised to ospf, some connected routes & a tunnel to ...

01Scary01 by Level 1
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