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Hello,what is the method, step by step,  to replace a switch in a stack ?I already had to change the master of a stack once and it was problematicI had lost the port configuration of the switch master.So in prevention, I would like to have the exact ...

Beaurr by Beginner
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where/how can i find a cisco programmer for four (4) 9300 switches in/near tampa, florida?independent contractor or small company.   2-3 day job maximum.  very simple network.   the support page gives me companies no closer than Houston.

Hello, I have problem for communicate between my two site for the Phone network. First Site :Inside Interface : interface : Second Site :Inside Interface : Interface : I have a Site To Site Be...

Hello,we have a small network with some c9200 switches and a lot of VLAN there.Now, some days ago a network expierenced guy told us, that using VLANs could be dangerous because of VLAN hopping. I am not very common in that because we declare all port...

Help !!!! What exact product to do I need to purchase to upgrade from Essentials to Advantage to get 'stacking' working on my pair of C9500-24X-E switches??? I have purchased a pair of C9500-24X switches with 'Network Essentails' and 'DNA-Essentials'...

Hi. There is a symptom which one of vlan is having issue in HSRP. The log message start with this:Mar 4 16:15:56.881: %HSRP-5-STATECHANGE: Vlan3 Grp 3 state Standby -> ActiveMar 4 16:16:02.405: %HSRP-5-STATECHANGE: Vlan3 Grp 3 state Active -> SpeakMa...

I have a Catalyst 3650 switch, which keeps rebooting. Model: WS-C3650-24PD-S.I'm in bootloader, here are the available commands: https://pastebin.com/djfz7znyHere is the flash: contents: https://pastebin.com/c5Vg4SaiError "octeon_wdt: WDT device clos...

anonm9k by Beginner
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Hi guys  I have a PC connected to a switch which connects to a router. I can ping the router from the PC and vice versa. I cannot ping to or from the switch. I have checked mac addresses and they are correct. What on earth is going on? Thanks Chase