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Cisco 1721 Router not accessible through console port


right now i m facing a problem with my 1721 Router which is not accessible through console port , and to add more to it , we have forgotten the enable secret password for this router. It is preconfigured router. Please help me to resolve the problem so that i shall able to access the router through console port and make it useful for some other purpose.

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HI Rahul Verma, [Pls Rate if HELPS]

Pls find the attachment for Password Recovery Procedure for All CISCO Devices.


Best Regards,

Guru Prasad R

Thanks a lot guru for your reply and attachment.

But i have two problems right now.

1. My router is not accessible thorugh console.

second , I don't have the enable secret password.

so , i can only telnet to router snd see show configuration.

i Can't break the password.

Please suggest is there is any method to make console port working or any other way to access my router.


Hi rahul,

For connecting to console & pwd recovery, pls refer this link for step by step procedure.

Pls rate if helped.

Thanks, But my problem is that my router cosole port is not working.

Please help. Is there is any way to access the router..

i Can telnet but i also don't have enable secret password.


If its factory configured and you are able to view the config then its already into configuration mode.

Which prompt do u see ?




If its the first one, then forget recovering if your console is damaged.If it the later one, then you already have what you want.

Do paste what is the output of your telnet session.




i m getting

Router# prompt and i can see show config

but when



I don't have enable password to login furthur and change configuration .

also i don't have access through console to break password.

i can only telnet by giving ip of same network on my pc that is configured on router ethernet.


(1)Are you able to get the following?

Router#config terminal


(2)does the following command (which will change the "enable" password to "cisco" work?

Router#config t

Router#(config)#enable secret cisco

If you are able to do the above mentioned,

Pls revert back.



if it is level 7 then you have some luck, if you can get to the command where you get to see the secure password then

go to

put in your level 7 passoword 12fh26ujhxxxx and voila :-0 happy Cracking

Sorry . unfortunately Enable secret Password is configured on router.

I can't break it through given software link.

Is there any other option.

Pls suggest, how can i access my router otherthen console.

it is working fine only thing is console port is not working and i also don't have enable secret to change the config as per my requirement.

Pls help othervise my 1700 router will get wasted.


Can you please clarify what you mean by "console prot is not working"?

How did you test it? What was the response? Did you use the proper cable? Did you try different speed settings?

Regards, Martin

Hi There

Have you tried the suggestions above from JD??

======= JD's Suggestions ============


(1)Are you able to get the following?

Router#config terminal


(2)does the following command (which will change the "enable" password to "cisco" work?

Router#config t

Router#(config)#enable secret cisco


If so what was the outcome?

What type of access are you using to get the "Router#" prompt??

The fact that you have the pound sign "#" and not the chevron ">" at the end of the host name would normally indicate that you are already in privileged (enable) mode.

Best Regards,


Hi Michal,

I have created the user login by the command

user rahul privilege 7 password rahul.

so i m getting Router# Prompt but after that

when i give command Router#enable that it ask for enable secret password that is have forget.

Please help me to resolve this as i m also not able to access the router through console.

Hi Rahul

Ok, well as Martin above asked what response do you receive when you connect to the router with a console cable? Do you see any output on the screen?


Is this router in a live environment or in a test setup? can you reboot the router if/when required

Are you using the correct (Cisco) console cable? It should be a light blue color with a db9 female interface on one end and an rj45 connector on the other.

What terminal emulation program are you using to connect to the console port on your router? Hyper Terminal, SecureRT etc

Can you confirm that your PC/Laptop and emulation software are working correctly by connecting to the console port of another router?

What settings are you using in your emulation program? I normally use the following,

Bits per second: 9600

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow Control: None

If you connect to your console port with these settings and see gibberish on the screen, this could indicate a baud rate mis-match. Try different speed settings, both higher and lower to see if this solves the problem.

If you can connect your PC/Laptop to the console port on the router and reboot the router. Capture any console output and post it so we can see what is going on.

Best Regards,


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