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Nexus 5k VPC with Nexus 2k

Hi, I am designing a new DC. In server zone of DC, I want to build a topology with Nexus 5k and Nexus 2K. Nexus 5K will be the VPC cores wheres as 2K will form VPC with 5K. 5K in turn are connected with firewall.All servers are connected to 2K in act...

Resolved! VTP Domain Name

Hello experts,   Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated.   We currently have around 18-20 switches and all of them are configured as VTP servers. My colleague usually creates new VLANs on a switch with the highest 'configuration revisio...

vsurresh by Beginner
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stacking nexus 5000 series

We have two new nexus 5596t switch and we have layer 3 license also for that i have few question for that. 1.  in nexus 5596t we have to installed layer 3 license or not. 2. we are going to enable inter vlan routing on nexus switch 3. i want to conf...

mauleshg1 by Beginner
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Resolved! NATing via a loopback interface...

Hi guys, I would appreciate any hints or tips for a NAT set up I am trying to create.I have been using the following doc ( NAT on a stick ) as reference. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/customer/tech/tk648/tk361/technologies_tech_note09186a0080094430.shtm...

jonmo2578 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco WS-C3560X-24T-S switch Single strand bidirectional fiber not working

Hi, I am trying to connect 2 3560X-24T switches using single strand bidirectional fiber with GOXS-BI5312-20D SFP module. the sfp is third party, and it is not working. the interface is not coming up also. Any one have any idea how to make it working...

Router on a stick, more than one VLAN

Hello,I'm facing a problem while configuring router on a stick and more than one VLAN's connected to the switch. I've attached the image of my topology. The PC-PT PC1 is in VLAN 4 and the switch port Fa0/4 is a trunk port. Other PC's and server is in...

goldytomy by Beginner
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Resolved! Where to apply QoS in Home/SOHO?

I understand that according to campus design, QoS should be implemented on the closest device, however, I may be thinking too in depth, but considering the following:   ISP <---> Modem <----> Router <-----> L3 Switch   With most of the CPU processing...

SG300-10 cannot disable ICMP redirects

Is there no way to disable ICMP redirects on the SG300-10?   With the wirespeed routing when running in Layer 3 mode, the SG300-10 sends a ICMP redirect message if the next hop is on the same broadcast domain as the host. As I have the network config...

Zanthra by Beginner
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QOS C3650

Estoy validando la calidad de servicio ( QOS ) .  desde el puerto del access point  hacia el switch  de distribucion tengo  aplciada la sentencia  mls qos trust dscp. pero  en los  C3650  no me permite aplicar esta sentencia .  trate de aplicar auto ...

Cisco Fex 2232 SFP Comatibility

Hi Team,   I have two Cisco Fex Extenders 2232 that are connected to my cisco 5596 but i want to use my FEX to connect my servers and my question is are this 2232 support Gigabit RJ45 Copper SFP   If some one can help thank you