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Destination IP address redirection


Hello I have a Cisco 2600.  I would like to know how to redirect traffic going to a certain IP address three hops away to an IP address on a locally connected segment. 

Ex.  Packet leaves a device with source IP of and destination of 20.20,20.20   When the packet hits the router ( I want the router to redirect the destination of to (locally connected segment).

The router has two physical interfaces.

I am thinking along the lines of creating a VLAN with an ip of and then doing a NAT translation from to 

Is this possible and how would I do that?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

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Edison Ortiz
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Hall of Fame Mentor

You need to use Policy Based Routing (PBR).

Hi thanks for your reply.  So I can use PBR to have host masquerade at host ?  I'm a little unclear.  Basically the scenario is that is a non-existant DNS server.  I cannot change this DNS server in our devices as it is hardcoded. I want host to masquerade as for traffic on segment.  PBR will do this? 


You weren't clear on your original question.

My understanding is that you wanted to redirect traffic from 10.10.10.x which defaults to to go via

If you want to translate the IP, then you need NAT.

We don't use term masquerade in the Cisco world I'm assuming you mean network address translation.

If your devices are looking for (DNS server) while the real DNS is actually, you can definitely use NAT instead of PBR.

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