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We are building a new site with 8 floor each floor will have around 300 people plus standard we will be conecting to MPLS private WAN cloud via BGP back to the datacentre.....i have couple of questions and need some help:

in core we will have 6509's and on floor it will be 3850

my question are as under:

1-Shd i use VSS and conect WAN links direct to each swicth. All access floor swicthes will be conected to both 2X6509 switches.

2- or shd i use routing between two 6509 and put two headend 2900 series router and run IBGP etc between them.

can some one tell me what would be more efficent and good design and why

i am confuse what to run on layer two as well

Thanks heaps

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Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame

If you are yet to purchase the core switch, 6509, then I recommend you think about getting a pair of 6807-X and VSS them together.

Joseph W. Doherty
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Hall of Fame


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Whether to use VSS depends on whether you really need an additional core chassis for redundancy (vs. single chassis with every other component being redundant) and whether you're going to run your 3850 edge as L2 or L3.

What VSS adds is redundancy of a 2nd chassis, which adds somewhat to overall reliability.  However, two chassis running L3 adds even a little more to overall reliability as you're adding redundancy of a second IOS.

So, if you believe you need the additional redundancy of a 2nd chassis, if your edge will be L2, I would go with VSS.  If your edge will be L3, don't use VSS.

For your 2900s, if using VSS, Etherchannel them.  If not using VSS, using routed links.  For either, your choice of routing protocol.


BTW, 6500s are going away, so if buying new, like Leo, I would suggest considering its replacement, the 6807-XL.  (Depending on your core device needs, if buying new, you might also consider the 6880 or 4500 series.)

Israel Pinile
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Level 1

Hi The_guroo! I agree with Leo and Joseph in terms of choosing the core switch, the 6800 is the way to go(versus the 6500). I'm not an expert in terms of network design but I can help you talk to someone who can further assist you with this. If you're interested, send me an emal at

Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

In regards to 6880-X/6807-X, look at the 6880ia.

The current limitation to implementing 6880ia is the amount of stacks and the amount of switches.  Plus also the type of line card required.

In regards to line card, currently, only 6904-10Gb is required.  And the maximum limit of 6880ia is seven stacks and each stack has three switches.  This means you can deploy no more than 21 6880ia switches.

It is not yet clear when the new line card support will be announced and but I'm just letting you know in case things improve a bit.

Let us know how you plan to design your wireless network as we can also help you there. 

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Level 1

Hi there.

I did nearly the same setup 1 year ago with a new building and 4 floors. I did 2 x 6500 in vss, 4509's on 2 floors and 3700's on the remaining floors. L3 ether channels to the core then BPG to our MPLS provider.

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