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Failover testing on redundant Nexus 7706


The core switch on this network is critical to operations. This is obvious but stating it to be clear here. We need to test to see if failover will work. I know enough to make sure we have committed the running config to the startup config, and then grab the configuration from both and compare them in a text editor. I know also that I need to make sure that both switches have the same patched connections and no orphan connections (or at least no surprise "orphans").  

But I am new to "Nexus OS" switches and I need to know what I might be missing. Can someone help give ideas about how I might screw this up? What pitfalls I might stumble on? How to make sure i have a complete backup? Are there multiple levels of configuration files? Or is the main configuration file the whole config?

Any and all advice is welcome and needed please. No matter how small or novel. I am always learning.

Thanks in advance


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if this vPC check some good guide and direction failure scenarios and troibleshoot and understand if any of them realted to your environment.


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