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Getting rid of VLAN 1

I work for a organization that states that VLAN 1 must not be used on any switch in the organization. I also have another requirement to ensure like devices(server and workstations) are in there own VLAN.

So I did a shut on VLAN 1. Then I create a new VLAN called VLAN 33 with a IP of XX.XX.203.33, VLAN 65 with a IP of XX.XX.203.65, and VLAN 129 with a IP of XX.XX.203.129.  All these IP address use to belong to VLAN 1.

I the made this switch a the VTP Server and placed it in its on VTP domain.  I have not yet connected it to the router or other switches as want to make sure everthing is working.

I then enabled routing with the IP routing command:

My problems right now are when I do a sh ip int brief I show the vlans as down even thought the config shows them as no shut. When I do the sh ip route command there is no routing. Nor can I ping any of the interfaces.

I no shut VLAN1 and it did not fix the issue.

I really want to get this all sorted before I have to bring this switch production.


Re: Getting rid of VLAN 1

You have to have at least one active port in that vlan in order for the layer 3 interface to go up/up , (autostate) .  Once you plug a device into a port with that vlan the layer 3  interface will come active .  Also if you have a trunk port in which those vlans are allowed and the port is active will also bring those L3 SVI's active.


Re: Getting rid of VLAN 1

I see that you gave VLAN 33 an address but, did you create the VLAN?

Switch(config)#vlan 33

Switch(config)#name Management

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