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Resolved! rommon

If a router boots to the prompt rommon1>does it signify that the conf file was not found in flash memory ORIOS image in flash memory is invalid or corrupt?

leepeiwai by Beginner
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Dear All,             I am having doubt in VTP..Normally VTP is used to synchronise the VLAN. Apart from that,1.Why we are configuring Server and Client in the Network?2.Is there any limitation for configuring server in domain?(i.e only one server sh...

hi all, My question is how to use the command "mls qos marking ignore port-trust": does that mean we can use this command to not to change any packet's DSCP value, when the packet passing through the switch?I know there is another way to not changing...

Hi,I think I have ended up buying an old  WS-C3550-24-DC (a mistake, wanted AC power), and am at a loss to figure out a cheap way to power it.The Cisco RPS 300 / 675 / 2300 models do NOT seem to support the 3550-DC.Has anyone in a similar situation t...

Resolved! vtp pruning ,help

VTP pruning is not designed to function in VTP transparent mode. If one or more switches in the network are in VTP transparent mode, you should do one of these:1.  Turn off VTP pruning in the entire network.2.  Turn off VTP pruning by making all VLAN...

I want to failover when a exit interface loss,how can i do.  what's my wrong ?router is both master and border,two exit port and master and border oer master policy-rules aa ! border key-chain aa  interface FastEthernet0...

Hi folksI'm about to implement a VSS using 6509-E. It's a fresh installation and I've got the hardware up and running and have started to read up on the two IOS versions. Some people say "always use the latest version" and some say "use the next newe...

I have installed a new WS-X6816-GBIC card in slot 13 and i got this message:%C6KPWR-SP-4-UNSUPPORTED: unsupported module in slot 13, power not allowed: The image for the card is not bundled in image.I tried to reset the module (#hw-module module 13 r...

Hi AllHopefully somebody will be able to help on this issue I am seeing, I am trying to convert a sup2 running CatOS to IOS using the following link:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps708/products_tech_note09186a008015bfa6.shtml#conv_m...

mj11 by Participant
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Hi,I'm trying to do some tests with ipv6 + nat-pt at the moment. I got most of that stuff running - except nat-pt.Perhaps, you can give me an answer, if my basic approach is possible at all...I'm using a 2621XM, running IOS 12.3 (c2600-advipservicesk...

Hello, I'm trying to configure port-security on my switchports; our security policy is to prevent a user from overflowing the CAM table, but we don't care if that user roams to different ports on the same switch.  Current port config: switchport port...

ippolito by Beginner
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