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IOS keys and certain features

Colin Higgins
Level 2
Level 2

We just purchased a bunch of 3750s, and we need to do EIGRP stub routing and VRF routing

For the newer IOS versions (15+), will I need activation keys?           

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Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

The activation is not for the IOS, but rather for the feature you want to use within IOS.

Do a "sh license" on one of your switches, if your license is IP Base you can do EIGRP stub but not VRF.

If your lisense is IP Services, you can do both.

If you have IP Base and you want to upgrade to IP Services, you need to purchase the IP Services license and then apply it to the switch.


Yes, but I am wondering if on a version 2 Catalyst 3750, I need to use activation keys to enable features like stub routing and VRF, or simply upgrade the IOS normally (advanced services, for instance)

If your license level is advanced services, you can upgrade the IOS normally.  Upgrading IOS does not change the license level.


Reza: the switches will ship with a base IP IOS, and will need to be upgraded.

The concern is that we will need to enter in product keys on every switch and activate, unlike a traditional scenario, where if you have paid for the license, you simply download the IOS image and load it.


You can go through the activation process on line and Cisco will send you the license file and then you can load them into the respective switches. You do not have to do the process on each instance of your switch. 

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