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IP SLA TCP-Connect object and getting it to syslog

I have an ip sla that is doing a tcp-connect to a web host to check availability.

I'm using a track command to then remove a route accordingly (failover through another route due to static routing).

I have a need to syslog this so that I can then have my syslog server report this to me.

change events are not syslogging and the TAC has suggest an IOS upgrade as a possible path. However this is on my core 6500 router and i'd rather not do an upgrade (and thus downtime) if at all possible.

note# routes below are for a test case that I have that is working and I can easily change to do with default routes once I get the test case to show syslogs so I can come in to work, and KNOW somethings changed without having to look at the device.

ip sla monitor logging traps
ip sla monitor 1
type tcpConnect dest-ipaddr dest-port 443 control disable
ip sla monitor reaction-configuration 1 connection-loss-enable
ip sla monitor schedule 1 life forever start-time now

track 1 rtr 1 reachability
delay down 1 up 1

so my route that I change when it's up is this:

ip route 10 track 1

and when it fails I have a static route of metric 100 that takes over because the above is removed.

this works wonderfully, however, NO SYSLOG EVENTS.

I tried implemented an EEM script, however as i'm on version 2.1 I cannot do the 'event TRACK' command based using SNMP.

has anyone done anything like this? Any thoughts on a better way to get something to log? can i make a script to look at my route tables? That would work for me i suppose.

thanks in advance.

this is on a 6509 running s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXH.bin for an image.

If this question is best suited somewhere else, admins: please feel free to move it.


mitra dray

its a Late answer but maybe useful for others .

you can simply use something like :

ip sla logging traps

ip sla reaction-configuration 110 react timeout threshold-type xOfy 2 5 action-type trapOnly

RTR#sh logg | i RTT

*Oct 31 04:30:10.720 EST: %RTT-4-OPER_TIMEOUT: condition occurred, entry number = 110

*Oct 31 04:30:10.722 EST: %RTT-3-IPSLATHRESHOLD: IP SLAs(110): Threshold Occurred for timeout