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Layer 2 issue: arping not working in some cases

Hello guys

I am trying to find some guidance / answers about arping. I often face situations where I have a systems that are in the same LAN but not all of them have IP addresses assigned to their interfaces. 

There is a script that uses arping to check L2 connectivity without use of IPs. 

In fact the system that doesn't have IPs assigned, uses arpings to check the presence of the system that does have IPs assigned.

Problem: on some environments it works just fine, in some it doesn't.

It seems to me like some switches block arpings by default.

I checked the classics: trunks, ACLs, L1 connectivity... etc

I can't drop a static MAC entry in the CAM table of the switch because the systems work as a cluster and if the main machine fails, the standby would come online and takes ownership of the IPs. So static bindings are not possible. 

Any clue would be more than welcome! 

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