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Network setup?

Level 6
Level 6

I've got a small business (digital ad agency with 7 employees) and i'm wondering if a UC560 and a AP541N would be all i need to setup a secure network with VPN, VoIP phone system and wi-fi?


Posted by WebUser Andy Buchan

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Level 7
Level 7


I would state no that is not enough.

In this solution you are not talkling about switches and firewalls aswell as no servers and so on.

It is hard to state what would be enough since we do not know what your expectancy of "secure" means.

so basically there is not enough information for us to state a definite yes or no.

if I where you i would have a talk with your local Cisco Rep.

Good luck


Level 1
Level 1

i don't know how many concurrent calls that AP could handle and price is more expensive fow wireless ip phones. put a switch and wired or softphones.

If you're using wired phones i'd say yeah, you could do everything you want with what you have.  Could you add more, sure, but to do what you asked about in the OP you have evrything you need.

After looking at the UC560 you'll need to add a switch if each employee is going to have a desk with PC and/or phone.  I assumed it had at least 8 ports like the 520.

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