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Jack K

Private VLANs in an inter-VLAN routing environment with no switchport interface connected to the router

Hello everyone


I have an interesting puzzle for you to resolve. There is an idea to create an internal DMZ for servers with private VLANs in an inter-VLAN routing environment. The Cisco L3 switch on which it will would be configured is connected with the router through no switchport with an IP address.


The questions are:

1. Is it possible to reach a specific server in a private-vlan from a whole normal users vlan (that is not private) instead of setting just particular ports as promiscuous?

2. If the port to the router is no switchport, but it just has a physical IP address, is it possible that servers in the private vlans can reach it, since I cannot configure switchport commands?

3. Can I use a primary vlan of some secondary private vlans as a normal vlan for other purposes?


I uploaded a small concept of the network idea in the attachment. Any help would be appreciated


Best regards,


VIP Guru

If the device support, why not use ACL for this requirement, so you can only allow or deny what required to access.


is this works for you ?


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Thanks for quick response, however it doesn't work for me. I know how to use ACLs on vlans. I just have questions and I want to get answers to them. No need for other solutions

Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame Master

Hello @Jack K ,


1) one promiscous mode port associated to primary VLAN is needed at least the SVI of primary VLAN should be treated this way. Private VLANs are a Layer 2 concept from other VLANs the hosts are reached via inter VLAN routing and via the SVI associated to the primary VLAN.

2) Again the private VLAN is an OSI layer 2 concept that limits what ports can communicate at Layer 2. Via the promiscous ports other subnets can be reached including a router out of a routed interface.

3) Not recommended I would not do it


Hope to help



@Giuseppe Larosa, thank you for your detailed information. It seems to be true what you wrote. I'll check it on Friday and see how it works. Regarding the 3rd question, I just was curious if it's possible, but not intended to do it ;D

Elliot Dierksen
VIP Collaborator

I agree with @Giuseppe Larosa on this. I don't think trying to use private VLAN across multiple devices like this is the right solution. I also don't think it will work the way you intend because of having to making multiple uplinks into promiscuous ports.

@Elliot DierksenThanks for your concerns, however regarding the 3rd question, I just was curious if it's possible, but not intended to do it ;D